Alistair Colburn

Human Alistair

Cybernetic Alistair

Basic Information
Date Of Birth 7/12/1997
Status Alive
Gender Male(?)
Race Cyborg
Blood Type Unknown
Physical Attributes
Height 5'9
Weight 214 lbs
Hair Color Onyx
Eye Color Deep Purple
Additional Facts
Aliases/Nicknames Unknown
Year Not Affiliated with Academy
Likes Swordplay, Family, Friends, Money
Dislikes Anything that gets in his way


Not much is known about Alistair as none have inquired about his past, the most that anyone has known is that this male was once human. In an attempt to raise money for a dying relative he had participated in an experimental,  classified government project which would implant a humans cerebral cortex within the cold body of a machine. Out of ten people, Alistair was the only one to survive the grueling process. With newfound abilities along with his signature weapons, the man had turned to mercenary work. He has been off the record books since he was seventeen years old. 


Alistair can be the caring and peaceful individual at times, but when certain situations demand it, his nature switches to sadistic and cold. He has executed countless people without questioning the motives for doing so. He is the 'Shoot first, ask questions later' unless given enough information to change his interests. He will not harm those he cares for. A situation arose where he was ordered to kill his father, who had been a high ranking CEO of a weapons manufacturing company, and instead had put a bullet through the head of his contractor. 

Abilities and WeaponsEdit

Before being placed within his new cybernetic body, Alistair was a scrapper to say the least. He had mostly learn his own variation of hand-to-hand combat due to fights when he was younger. At some point in his life he had learned Kendo, a traditional Japanese style of Swordplay, in which he eventually advanced himself to perform more complicated moves. Since his transition into his new form, his reflexes, strength, stamina, speed, and agility have only further increased, making him a deadly assailant. His weapons are a red High Frequency (HF) blade crafted by Murasama and two customized pistols for his liking. The sword was originally a normal katana forged by the famous Japanese swordsmith Murasama, but when he underwent his procedure, he had requested it be reforged to fit his new body. The sword had been enhanced drastically, increasing its parameters immensely. It's sheath has been reforged as well, making it a more technological item. It can fire like a rifle, but instead of bullets, the sword will shoot out, allowing Alistair to perform quick Iaido techniques or even fast quickdraws. The blade was also given an I.D lock, meaning that the weapon can only be unsheathed by him, unless he has deactivated the security protocol. His handguns follow in security measures, only being able to be fired by him and him only. The bullets are coated in armor piercing material to increase its damage to whoever stands at the other end of the barrel. 


Alistair's Sword

Energy handgun

Alistair's Custom Handguns