Wishing to create a realm for his followers' souls to inhabit, Torm manifested his own realm, leaving the Kelle on Earth while he crafted the realm himself. Dubbing the land Heaven, he was determined to create a paradise for his followers. 

Size and LandscapeEdit

Heaven had many magnificent castles and towers, with a massive citadel as the most glorious within the capital city. The realm itself was very large, equal in size to Hell. It's landscape was mostly open grasslands and hills, the realm having only two forests. 

Many Angel strongholds and settlements dot the landscape, viewable from great distances because of the stable level and shape that the verdant landscape took. 

Named LocationsEdit

New Tyr - The magnificent city stood as the capital of Heaven, the shining walls of it's citadel high above the rest, with the great river Tol running through the city in an arc. Angels tend to simply call the city Tyr, since there are so few of the initial Angels that were once Kelle surviving.

Steadfast - The largest of the few Angel military castles, Steadfast serves as the primary garrison for the Royal Guard, aswell as it's training center.


When the Kelle died en masse, disappointing the virtues that Torm and imprinted upon them, he drew them into Heaven and with their souls created the Angels, giving them the great city that he had created as a place of residence. The Angels had free will to expand and build more settlements in Heaven as they wished, and as their population grew they began to create new towns beyond the outlying hills.

After the Night of Blood, Torm withdrew and left the Angels to govern Heaven by themselves, refusing to aid them in making anymore mistakes in the future.