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Hello! Welcome to the X-RP: Yokai Academy Wikia! This is a role playing page about a current event transpiring within a Skype group. If you are intrigued by this, please message one of the Admins with your Skype information and we shall see if we can involve you. Have a nice day!

About X-RP and RulesEdit

Overview Edit

Monsters all around the globe have come to learn how to coexist with humanity at the school Yōkai Academy. All seems to be in order until a few monsters decide to plot against the school and wipe out humanity from existence! It's up to a few students to stop these plans and save their world… And the human world! Since then, the city of Sakai has been saved from the invading Nakano forces, though the academy has been shut down due to mass slaughter and destruction. Students have either left on their own accord or moved to join under the new reign of Nakanos.

Rules Edit

1. No power-gaming, god-modding, meta-gaming etc. If you do any of the listed or anything along the lines of it, make sure you have the other person's consent beforehand. If you're not sure about something, don't be afraid to ask.

2. Realism is great. Not making an over-powered character is even better. Even though this is set in a universe with mythical creatures, keep your character's abilities/powers to a realistic and fair standard. Note: overpowered is a thin word; incredibly strong is alright so long as a key weakness is involved.

3. Don't create clones of existing characters in the universe. Don't simply pass your character off as a sibling/clone of an existing character. There's no particular restraints for the age of the characters but it's recommended to have them around 13-19. (Unless you make your character a teacher)

Characters + Monster Classes

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